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Red and white striped lighthouse

A lighthouse every mile...

In addition to wildlife, rare birds and, aquatic animals, Brier Island is home to several lighthouses that make a picturesque destination to your afternoon hike.

We've outlined the most popular ones below.

Brier Island Lighthouse aka Western Light

Western Light marks the spot where the Bay of Fundy officially begins! The waters South of here are the Gulf of Maine and the waters North are the  Bay of Fundy.

As the most westerly point in all of Nova Scotia the lighthouse is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset over the world famous Bay of Fundy.

Historical Western Light is the 3rd oldest lighthouse in Nova Scotia and still operational today through a fully automated system.

Brier Island Lighthouse with sunset in the background
Northern Light alarm lighthouse with pink and blue sky in the background

Northern Light & Alarm

Northern Light & Alarm is a functional lighthouse and Coast Guard station on the headland at Northern Point overlooking miles of Atlantic ocean.

The view from Northern Light is a great place to watch the dramatic waves of the Bay of Fundy and is the most common place on Brier Island to spot whales from the shore.

Seal Cove is only a 10 minute walk from Northern Light along a beautiful coastal hiking trail.

Peter's Island Lighthouse

Peter's Island stands guard at the mouth of Grand Passage which flows between Brier Island and Long Island. The lighthouse on Peter's Island has welcomed ships to Westport Harbour for generations.


The island itself is now a bird sanctuary and the lighthouse is automated.


While Peter's Island is inaccessible, you can view the island, the lighthouse and the rapid currents surrounding it from Southern Point which is also where the Joshua Slocum monument is located.

Peters Island Lighthouse at a distance with ocean and rocks in the foreground
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