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Ferry crossing to Brier Island with a small moon in a pink sky

Getting Here

Getting To Brier Island Lodge Is Easy

It takes just about an hour and a half to get from the Town of Digby to Brier Island (68kms.), including your two ferry travel times.


From Highway 101, take exit 26 into Digby through the community of Conway. From Digby take Route 217, 45 kilometres (28 miles) to East Ferry on Digby Neck where you will take a short ferry ride to Tiverton on Long Island. From Tiverton continue down Route 217 to the other end of Long Island 18 kilometres (11 Miles) to Freeport, where you will catch the ferry to Brier Island.

Upon arriving on Brier Island, turn right and drive 2 minutes to Brier Island Lodge. 

Both ferries run once every hour, 24 hours a day (on call after midnight) and the ferries are now FREE! 

Keep These Points In Mind For Your Trip:

  • Leave Digby at around half past the hour to give yourself plenty of time. 

  • Drive to East Ferry (45 minutes drive).

  • Catch the ferry from East Ferry to Tiverton at half past the hour (5 minute ferry ride).

  • Drive from Tiverton to Freeport (15 minutes drive).

  • Catch the ferry from Freeport to Brier Island at the top of the hour (7 minute ferry ride).

For example if you left Digby at 12:30pm you would catch the first ferry at 1:30pm, the second at 2:00pm and arrive on Brier Island at 2:07pm.  


GPS Info

Our GPS Coordinates are LAT. 44.27' LONG. -66.34.

Our civic address is 557 Water Street, Westport, Nova Scotia

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