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Guest Stories

We enjoyed our time with you guys and I look forward to coming back again in the near future.
Emma Aceto

Brier Island Lodge invites you to experience...

Welcome Aboard Whale Watching Tours!


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Welcome Aboard! Brier Island is a world renowned whale watching destination for good reason; quite simply we are where the whales are! The Bay of Fundy attracts a multitude of whales, dolphins, birds and other marine life which we take great pride in sharing with guests on our whale watching adventures.


The captain and crew of our whale watching vessel Island Link have spent their lives living and working on the Bay of Fundy which makes for successful and extraordinary whale watching.


The Island Link was specially designed and built for whale watching in comfort and safety with features such as a heated cabin, upper observation deck and washroom. Experience the majesty of whales in their own environment...our home, Brier Island.



Whale Watching 2014


Departure Times



+ tax

Regularly Scheduled Tours run from:
June 12 to September 28

After September 28: Arranged tours, group and charter tours available until mid October.

9:30 AM




2:30 PM

Seniors 60+
& Students


+ tax


5 - 12 years


+ tax


under 5 years




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Looking for a zodiac adventure - click here



Our Guarantee!


We only go when it's safe. If your whale watching or evening island cruise is cancelled for any reason we will refund 100% of your ticket purchase. If no whales are seen on your whale watching cruise we will issue you a voucher equal to your ticket price for any product or service at Brier Island Lodge. You can use your refund voucher for dining, accommodation, gift shop, evening cruise or whale watching another day/time. We reserve the right to cancel any voyage if weather and/or sea conditions are unsafe for our guests.


Please click here for our policies.


Reserve Your Cruise Today!

Toll-Free 1-800-662-8355

Online Reservation Request






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