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Brier Wood Farm and Hooking By the Sea

Brier Wood Farm & Hooking by the Sea
Authentic experiences and adorable animals!

Brier Wood Farm is a hands on farm that raises heritage sheep, such as Icelandic, Cotswold and Romney. They have 3 beautiful alpaca's at the moment , plus they raise their own meat birds and laying hen. They have 2 Nubian goats who are silly ladies which they hope to get milk from come Spring , now there is Jillian (their Mini Horse), rabbits, a cat (Kit kat ) and their lovable dog (Bear). Guests may the roam farm and see how Victoria works with her animals. Plus what she uses all that fibre for! You will get to have a peek into her Rug hooking studio which is right here on the farm . If your timing is right you may get to go on a scenic ride with Victoria and Jillian in her cart

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Hooking by the Sea


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