Yes, we do have wireless internet (wifi) available! 


Our internet comes through a radio system from the mainland and therefore is affected by external conditions such as weather and number of users. We do not guarantee internet service but will do our best to provide our guests with connectivity.


For those who choose to travel without an internet device we have a computer set up in the Brier Patch Lounge for guest use on a first-come, first served basis.


Although we do not have individual TVs per room, Brier Island Lodge features a large high definition television in our lounge area for guest's viewing pleasure. It carries Netflix, Crave, as well as Satelitte TV for watching sporting events, or just some news



Brier Island Lodge is the perfect place to get away from the pressures of modern life. We do not have telephones in the guest rooms however we do have a guest courtesy phone in the lounge and there is a payphone in Building #3, available 24 hours a day.


Cellular mobility service is available on the Eastern side of Brier Island including Brier Island Lodge. Most major Canadian mobility providers provide 3G coverage.



Welcome to Brier Island Lodge

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