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Guest Stories

My wife and I just returned from a week in Nova Scotia spending two nights at the Brier Island lodge. It was no doubt the highlight of our trip. The friendly staff, peaceful setting, away from the crowds, laid back life style combined with an exciting whale watching tour made this two day stay on Brier Island all we hoped it would be. Someday we want to go back.

Jim Riden

Pond Cove Beach


Writing_in_the_sandExperience a true marine eco-system in action at Pond Cove; one of Brier Island's most popular destinations. A short walk winding through ecologically sensitive sand dunes leads to the spectacular Pond Cove Beach. Sandy at low tide and rockier at high tide, the beach is a treasure-trove of natural wonders.

A few meters inland behind the beach is Big Pond and Little Pond. These saline ponds and the surrounding marshes are home to a wide variety of plants and a proliferation of birds.






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