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Guest Stories

A big thank you to the Brier Island Lodge staff as well as the Welcome Aboard captain and crew for making our weekend unforgettable! We had a great time and will definitely be back for another visit.

Megan Joanne

Joshua Slocum


Joshua SlocumJoshua Slocum (1844-1909) grew up on Brier Island and became the first person to sail alone around the world in 1898.  As a young man working in his family's bootshop, Slocum dreamed of a life at sea. He first went to sea as a boy of 14 and then left home for good at the age of 16. The bootshop still stands to this day on Water Street.

In 1895 he set sail alone on his 37' gaff rigged oyster sloop named Spray on his solo navigation around the world, a feat no one else had ever accomplished. Upon his return, Slocum published a detailed memoir of his journey, the classic book Sailing Alone Around The World.   Joshua Slocum Wikipedia Page






Path_to_Slocum_MonumentA monument memorial to Joshua Slocum stands on Brier Island, overlooking Peter`s Island and St. Mary`s Bay.

The monument and look-off are just steps from the end of Water Street at Southern Point.






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