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Guest Stories

My husband, our friends and myself were at Brier Island Lodge Monday July 5th. We enjoyed the food and Jess was our waiter and he showed my husband how to eat a lobster since he never had lobster before. Jess was very knowledgeable he showed my husband a few tricks on how to eat it. Our stay was very relaxing. The staff are friendly. We went out the next morning with Captain Roy whale watching. We...

Doug and Laurie Fretz

Coastal Hiking on the Bay of Fundy


Only a few steps from Brier Island Lodge you will find a multitude of nature and hiking trails. As there aren't many roads on the island, visitors are encouraged to walk the winding gravel byways and cliff-top hiking trails. Trails wind from Northern Light all the way along the coast past Western Light to Pond Cove (except for a detour around Whipple Point as it is a bird nesting area). Several small, interesting paths and gravel roads connect the trails along the Western side of Brier Island with the Village of Westport on the Eastern Side. 


The majority of hiking trails on the Island are privately owned or on Nature Conservancy of Canada land. The residents of Brier Island love their island and enjoy sharing the beauty of their home with visitors. Hikers and walkers are welcome to enjoy the trails with respect for the land and environment. Most of the trails on Brier Island are unmarked and not maintained so conditions may vary. Lodge staff will be happy to provide you maps and details on current trail conditions for many great adventures.












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